Directions by Public Transport

By Bus or Train: Looking up St James's Parade from Dorchester Street

From Bath Spa train station, turn left (as you're coming out of the station) and walk along this road for 100 yards or so, and you'll see Boots on your right. The bus station is right next to the train station, so just head towards Boots as well.


Take the road arrowed in the picture on the right, leaving the pedestrian precinct & MacDonald's to your right. Carry on straight up this road, and about 100 yards on your right (halfway up the road) there is a small park on the right, and Inventions Arts Cafe is in the old chapel overlooking it.


Inventions Arts Cafe & StudiosIf you're coming at the small park from the other side, Inventions Arts Cafe is right next door to the Faerie Shop, and opposite the Lamb & Lion Pub and Lloyds bank. Below are a couple of pictures so you know it's the right place:

Inventions Arts Cafe & Studios and the Faerie Shop

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