The pub moots are now held at the St. James Wine Vaults, which is a pub near the Royal Crescent, Bath, 10-15 minutes walk from the Bath Spa Station. If you're coming to the talks, then we like to have a discussion when things are finished and would be delighted if you could hang around for that. If you're coming direct to the pub, directions and pictures are below.

St. James Wine Vaults

St. James Square



The following link is to a Map. We usually meet upstairs in the Gallery. The pub doesn’t open until 2 and although it doesn’t sell food, you can get takeaways delivered. There are also plenty of eateries nearby.


Directions by Public Transport

By Train:

From Bath Spa train station, turn left (as you're coming out of the station) and walk along this road for 100 yards or so. There's a big new shopping centre on your right (the Southgate development), and when you get to the edge of that, beyond the bus station, turn right (up past BCH Camping, a Chinese restaurant, and MacDonalds' on the right). A picture below shows the road, bearing in mind the Boots on the right is now a different building with columns. Follow this road straight on (not left) up St James's Parade.


By Bus:

Once you get off the bus at the bus station, look left and walk until you get to a T junction. Where you see the view shown in the picture 1, follow above directions and the pictures below.


The pictures below show the road you're after –

1. Description: AndImage1

2. Description: AndImage2

3. Description: AndImage3

4. Description: Image001

Pass the Hobgoblin on your right: 


5. Description: Image002

You will come to a small grass island.


6. Description: Image003

Cross the island and head up Westgate Buildings. You will come to the Theatre Royal which you will pass on your left.

7. Description: Image004



8. Description: Image006

Continue on up through the bollards, passing Queens Square on your left.


9. Description: Image007



10. Description: Image008


11. Description: Image009

You are now heading up towards the Circus.

12. Description: Image010


13. Description: Image011

Cross the Circus taking the next left exit, heading towards the Royal Crescent (along Brock Street)  



14. Description: Image012

and turn right at Margaret’s Buildings.

You’re nearly there.

15. Description: Image014


16. Description: Image015


17. Description: Image017

Pub in sight.


18. Description: Image030

The Pub.

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