2011 Schedule of Talks



9th January: No Meeting.


13th February: Omphalos Magick Moot presents: Oak, Andraste

Hear Oak deliver his unique blend of stand up comedy and music from his first solo album Andraste.

Oak has played in a many folk clubs in the West of England. In the 1980s and early -90s he played bass guitar in several rock bands. He wrote songs which the bands recorded. He has returned to his folk music roots.
His songs are inspired by nature and his spiritual experiences. The two are intertwined. He often meditates to find inspiration.
As well as his own songs, Oak plays traditional music. This, he feels, connects us with our roots and our culture. He believes that if a song has been sung for hundreds of years its likely to be a good one. He also plays contemporary ballads. A good song is a good song and our culture continues to evolve.

You can hear samples of his album Andraste at:
He now lives between the Somerset Levels and the Quantock Hills. He is a popular performer at festivals and pagan gatherings and his songs have been played on the radio.

13th March: Omphalos Magick Moot presents Nick Hanks - Doorways to the Divine

This month we are delighted to welcome Nick Hanks and Doorways to the Divine. Nick is a professional archaeologist and a recognised teacher at the University of Bristol. He also studied drama at Warwick University, and promoted gigs at The Fleece in Bristol. He leads guided tours in association with The Travelling Talesman. He has worked in OBOD Druidry and Gardnerian Wicca.

His current interests are in ritual theory, practical philosophy and mindfulness meditation. He is dyslexic.

Doorways to the Divine - Sacred Spaces in Modern Religious Buildings. This talk is based on a presentation given to the Society for Social Anthropologists Conference in 2009 about the use of space in the buildings of eight different religions (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Ba'hai and modern Druids) and what they tell us about religious ritual requirements of space. The research involved mapping the activities in the space and interviewing those who actually used it. This talk is not an exploration of sacred geometry but of the space as experienced by the users, such as the restricted visual access and the attentional focus. Unlike previous interpretations by archaeologists, the liminal (an idea from anthropology) is placed at the centre and not merely the threshold, which leads to religious buildings distinctiveness

Time: 2pm for a 2.30pm start Cost: 5 donation - this enables us to pay expenses for our speakers and performers, and continue bringing you such a diverse and wonderful range of guests.

10th April: Social - No speaker.

8th May: Cancelled

12th June: Ken Rees. Cultivating the Magical Personality: the contributions of solo, partnership and group work.

Omphalos welcomes the return of Kenneth Rees, who travels from London to speak for us.

The concept of the `magical personality' is fundamental to the practice of magic as is that of magical space. Both these concepts will be examined. The pros and cons of working alone, working in a magical partnership and working in a group in developing the magical personality will be explored and evaluated.

Kenneth Rees has taught esoteric philosophy for nearly 3 decades in more than a dozen academic institutions. He has had considerable practical experience with working in all 3 modes discussed above.

Date: Sunday 12 June 2011.
Venue: Upstairs at the St James Wine Vaults, St James Square, Bath BA1 2TW.
Time: 2pm for a 2.30pm start.
Cost: 5 donation to support speaker expenses and the continuing diversity of the moot.

10th July: Talking stick discussion

14th August: Talking stick discussion

11th September: Talking stick discussion

9th October: Steve Hinde, a talk on Buddhist Magic

13th November: Talking stick discussion

11th December: Pre Yule party