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Sunday July 8th:  Jolane Abrams 

We welcome back Jolane, who has studied with Curandero Juan Tangoa Paima in Iquitos, Peru. She has learnt and translated over 60 icaros or traditional healing songs.

Ayahuasca Healing in the Peruvian Amazon: Where Science Meets Spirit

Indigenous psychedelic traditions suffer badly when taken out of their cultural and spiritual contexts. The scientific approach seeks to reduce sacred medicines to pills that can produce predictable effects (preferably non-psychedelic) for anyone who can pay for them. This is neither necessary nor desirable, as the case of ayahuasca makes clear - its unpleasantness is inseparable from its curative power, and it must be administered by experienced practitioners in a ritual setting to live up to its potential.

Jolane Abrams spent 15 years in and around the laboratory before switching gears to work with ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon. Since 2006, she has spent several months a year there studying with a master healer (curandero), learning "the science" - the accumulated spiritual and cultural wisdom to which ayahuasca allows access. She hopes to help others reconcile the rational with the mystical aspects of ayahuasca healing.

Sunday August 12th: Louise Hodgson

Black Dogs, Traditional Witchcraft, Cunning Men, Fairy Hills, Holloways, Ancient Yews, Holy Wells, Hauntings, Giant Hares, Stone Circles and more......These are some of the subjects to be discussed in our August Moot.
Louise Hodgson has been involved with working magickal practices for most of her adult life (A.A. and TOPY among others). One of her biggest influences, however, has been the Landscape. She has written a book in which she shares her enthusiasm – ‘Secret places of West Dorset’ which has proved to be a best-seller. Having been published in October 2011, it is now about to be re-printed.
Louise will be our speaker for August.

Sunday September 9th : Adrian RookeDruidry

Adrian is a popular member of the Dobunni Druid Grove in Bristol and will be speaking about his experiences in druidry and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

Sunday October 14th: Philip Heselton – The Life of Gerald Gardner

Most Pagans will have heard of Gerald Gardner, but what is the truth about this enigmatic individual who claimed to have been initiated into the 'witch cult' in the New Forest in 1939. Philip Heselton has investigated Gardner's life in great detail and will provide insights, including photographs never before seen, into this fascinating character. Philip is the author of a new biography of Gardner, entitled 'Witchfather', and copies will be available for sale at his talk.

Sunday November 11th: Afternoon & evening special event!

‘ACADEMY 23’ comes to The Western Lands!

by Emma Doeve & Matthew Levi Stevens of WhollyBooks

A Presentation of Spoken Word, Soundtrack, Slides and Short Films



Matthew Levi Stevens: an informal reminiscence, drawing on his various published articles ‘The Forgotten Agent’, ‘The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs’, ‘A Moving Target: Encounters with William S. Burroughs’, ‘On ‘Playback’ as Magical Weapon’ and ‘A Report from The Final Academy’

Emma Doeve: ‘On Drawing The Wild Boys’, illustrated with a slide-show of recent visual work

In addition Charlotte Rogers will be reading from the work of Cabell McLean, companion & assistant to William S. Burroughs during his Naropa years

There will also be a selection of Short Films and Soundtrack material, including original music from Act of Faith, De Straatslijper, DJ Raoul, ElectroRev, Joe Ambrose/Islamic Digger No.1, The Plague Doctors, Testing Vault

A range of WhollyBooks limited edition titles will also be available: the just released ‘Academy 23’ – an ‘unofficial’ celebration of William S. Burroughs & The Final Academy – also the chapbooks ‘The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs’ ‘Apprentice to an Apprentice: The Perilous Passage of Terry Wilson’ and ‘Last Rites’ – as well as postcard reproductions of original artwork.


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