Talks for 2013



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Sunday Feb 10th : Dr. Hannah Rumble : 'Natural burial: a very British funerary innovation.'  Hannah is a Research Officer in the Department of Social and Policy Sciences at the University of Bath and a Teaching Fellow on the Foundation degree for Funeral Services in the Centre for Death and Society, also within the University of Bath. Hannah will speak for us with a photographic presentation on this interesting subject that may affect many of us at some time or other.

Sunday 14th April. : Nick Hanks, The Tao Te Ching.

A talk by Nick Hanks on the Tao Te Ching:

John Power, author of ‘The Nu Tantras of the Uttarakaulas’ and ‘Pagans and Witches of Essex’, grew up in the same town as Andrew Chumbley, Chelmsford, County Town of Essex, and they bounced ideas on Magick, Art, and Tantrika around for a number of years. Andrew became peripherally involved in the East-West Tantrik Transmissions of John’s Guru Dadaji Mahendranath that took place in 1978 and 1979 (amongst Andrew’s many other preoccupations) and the afternoon’s talk will discuss all those interactions.


Sunday 9th June: Donal Ruane : In Search of the Serpent : Donal Ruane will read sections from his forthcoming book ‘In search of the serpent’. The talk will mainly cover the spiritual crisis that sent him into the Amazon jungle over a decade ago on a profound journey deep into myself. It is a universal story of self-discovery and healing that needs to be told because it provides a portal into an arcane world of ritual magic and the real living breathing spiritual world that exists now and always – within and around us all.


Included in this talk will be a discussion of the importance in Amazonian magic of: the traditional dieta; receiving icaros (magic melodies); arcana (protection and defense); near death experiences; encounters with ‘spirits’ and the need to stay grounded while following this path.


There will be a discussion afterwards.


July & August – Talking Stick Discussions.


Sunday 8th September: Brian Paisley : Queering Witchcraft : Queering Witchcraft: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Pagan Witchcraft. To what extent does modern witchcraft reinforce social norms around gender and sexuality? Brian Paisley is doing postgraduate research at the University of Bristol, and this is a presentation of his interim results.