Talks for 2015



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Sunday April 12th : Lydia Maskell : Who were the sacred cats of Ancient Egypt? How can we work with them today?

Repeated by popular demand, this talk will tell the story of wild and domestic cats in Egypt and draw upon experiences from the speaker’s own practice.

Lydia Maskell was one of the original members of Bath Omphalos. She has been exploring the Western Mysteries in their various forms since 1995. In 2007 she completed a course of study with the Lady of the Flame Iseum of the Fellowship of Isis. With Charlotte Rodgers she co-edited A contemporary Western book of the dead (2012).

Sunday Jul 12th : Peter Knight : Title: Stolen Images  -  ‘Pagan Symbolism in Christianity.Omphalos Magickal Moot welcomes back Peter Knight whose new book out in May 2015 tells the story of how Christianity took over Pagan sites, energies, icon, symbols and myths to promote its own agenda.

Sunday Aug 9th : Charlotte Rodgers'Fetishes, Spirit Houses and Food for the Gods'

 Charlotte Rodgers is an animist whose life is lived around the creative magickal act in its myriad of manifestations. After a peripheral existence and chaotic life travelling through Australasia and Europe, she eventually settled in Somerset, England.

She is initiated into the AMOOKOS and Uttara Kaula Tantric traditions and has done long term Setian and Nightside work, but recently departed from all group work to follow her own path.

Charlotte co-founded the Omphalos Group, organised many magickal art events and creates sculptures from remnants of death.

She has had many articles published, and contributed to anthologies by publishers such as 'Black Moon', 'Avalonia' and 'Scarlet Imprint'.

She is the author of 'P is for Prostitution', 'The Bloody Sacrifice' and 'The Sky is a Gateway not a Ceiling', and conceived, introduced and co-edited 'A Contemporary Western Book of the Dead'.

Sunday Sept. 13th : Wylde HunterObeah – British Vodou :

Omphalos Magickal Moot presents :-A talk by Wylde Hunter on Obeah - British Voodoo
We will be looking at:
* What Obeah is and how it compares with other forms of Voodoo.
* Investigating how it developed from British slavery and the important role it played in slave rebellions and the fight for independence.
* The materials & techniques used
* The contents of the Obeah Man's library.
* Obeah in the Modern World
This will be mixed in with some personal experiences of Obeah as a young man in Yorkshire.

 Sunday Nov. 8th : Cosmo Love - Sound and Music in Ritual Magick

    Practitioner Kosmo Love will discuss the magickal uses of Sound in general and Music in particular, for Healing and Divination. Referring to the broader currents of the 'Hermetic' tradition, we will examine techniques traditional and exploratory; effective for the treatment of 'mental illness', dying, and the induction of various altered states. Kosmo will attempt to place his practice in the context of this 'perennial tradition', and the evolution of consciousness in relation to the Invisible. This will not be a mere history lesson; expect live 'demonstrations' and performance.