Talks for 2017

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Sunday Feb 12th :

Louise Hodgson: Psychic Youth. Louise speaks to us about her experiences in the Psychic Youth movement led by artist and occultist Genesis P. Orridge in the 1980s.

Sunday Mar 12th :

Wylde Hunter: Recently, I have been researching the fascinating "Tale of the Armless Maiden" which appears in many cultures as a strong female archetype - a bit like the Hero's Journey for women.

Sunday Apr 9th :

Peter Knight: Dartmoor Mindscapes, Peter will take a fresh look at Dartmoor's stone rows, circles, tors, and other sites, and how to connect spiritually with the moor.

Sunday May 14th :

Georgina Lawn-Watts: Amicus Mortis (Death's Friend). This talk will cover quite a lot from explaining the role of the Death Midwife or Doula, the Processes of Dying, the patients and/or family's wishes for the funeral and disposal of the body and finally the role of the Celebrant in the funeral. It's a huge subject and Georgina will do her best to cover it all.

Tuesday 20th to Sunday 25th June :
Rust, Blood and Bone. Walcot Street Mortuary Chapel, Bath.

Preview 21st June Free. An exhibition of the art of Charlotte Rodgers, Victoria Musson and Katie Pollard, exploring the contemporary alchemical ingredients of Rust, Blood and Bone. Scattered throughout the exhibition will be impressive punctuations of music, performance, speakers and meditation. Modernity affects change on the land, its tradition and magic. As technology rusts, crumbles and decays, the land and the old traditions reinvent themselves.


Music: Sean Kissling. Performance: Sean Kissling and Charlotte Rodgers. Poi: Sofia Mailis.
Speakers: Louise Hodgson, Roberto Migliussi, Cosmo Gardener, Fred Yee, Victoria Musson, Andrea Kundry.
Smoke and Atmospherics: Marc Aitken.
Strange Wine: Creatrix Annie.

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Sunday Aug 13th :

Wylde Hunter: After the summer break Wylde returns to talk about his study of Labyrinths. We will investigate the many different ways of drawing labyrinths from their "keys", including fun practical exercises. We will also look at the history of the labyrinths in its various forms throughout the world.

Sunday Sept. 10th :

Diane Narraway - LUCIFER: Light Bearer

Lucifer: Light of the Aeon, a subjective look at one of the most controversial deities of our time. Lucifer from perception to consort.
What Lucifer means to those who work with that energy.
As a writer, Diane Narraway has contributed a variety of articles subjects of interest to both the magickal and the pagan community for both Dolmen Grove Chronicles and Artemis Magazine as well as short stories, poetry and rituals. She is the initiator, editor and one of the authors of the comprehensive and innovative anthology ‘Lucifer Light of the Aeon’ (Black Moon Publishing) and the Luciferian poetry anthology ‘Songs of the Black Flame’ (Black Moon Publishing) as well as contributing an essay on Lucifer titled ‘Lucifers Lover’ to Mishlen Linden’s anthology ‘Women of Babalon’ (Black Moon Publishing) and was a contributor to the Occult Digest (Black Moon Publishing). She has a children’s book due out this year with Dark Moon Press and has contributed some dark fantasy fiction for an anthology alongside other writers. She has two other occult publications due out next year (Black Moon Publishing) and is also working on a ritual workbook for children and a religious fantasy trilogy which will hopefully come out also in the next year or so with Dark Moon Press.
She has done articles and interviews for renowned author Charlotte Rodger’s Blog ( and is the editor of ‘Exegesis of Lucifer’ (Solophi) and ‘Alter- Ego’ (Solophi) by Richard K Page. She is both editor and publisher of the Dolmen Grove Chronicles which is a free online magazine aimed at the Pagan/Heathen and Occult community which involves working with a broad selection of writers and artists from a variety of different paths and countries.

She is the owner of Veneficia Editing, providing a quality service to authors and writers, specialising in although not limited to Pagan, Heathen, Occult and Magickal Works including Grimoires and Ritual Workings.
She also speaks at various events around the UK including Witchfest International and will be speaking at the Left Hand Path Consortium next year in St Louis.

Diane Narraway is the current chairman of Dolmen Grove, a large spiritual organisation of mixed paths with no hierarchy wherein all individuals are equal and have the freedom to shape and develop their own spirituality in peace. The Dolmen Grove ethos is equality, opportunity, wisdom, freedom and love.

Sunday Oct. 9th :

Nick Hanks and Dawn McHale - Ice Age Tales.

A talk from our very own and ever popular Nick Hanks partner Dawn McHale, peppered with facts, interesting speculation and humour. We present Mr Time and Ms. Tide with:
Ancient Tales. Time & Tide Taletellers fresh back from the National Trust Outdoor Festival present the oldest tales in the world reconstructed from recent research. Enter the dark world of the ancient ancestors who lived in the caves of Cheddar and hunted across the wild Mendip hills.

Sunday Nov. 12th :

Thea Bell - London's Mirror House:
Mirror House

Thea Bell tell’s the true story of a man made mirror house in Old Street London, which came to life with spirits and hauntings in the 1960’s and has continued to have had unusual phenomena up until present day.
It is a story of witches, ley-lines, mirror experiments, time travel, ovic amplifiers & Michael Benteen (from the Goons).
PLEASE NOTE: Everything you will hear in this talk is true but due to personal reasons the Land Lord and Location will not be disclosed.

Sunday Dec. 10th :

Omphalos Yule Party.

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