Talks for 2018

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Sunday March 11th :


Jake Stratton-Kent: Omphalos is delighted to welcome our controversial necromancer Jake back to present a talk on Spells with Spirits.

Sunday April 8th :


Esmee Woolcomb: Esmee Woolcomb presents her first talk for Omphalos on the topic of visualisation and the Creative power of the mind. A subject known to be vitally important in all aspects of magickal working and indeed in our day to day lives.

Sunday May 13th :




Mandy Pullen is an Eco Shamanic Practitioner based on the edge of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. She runs workshops, courses and trainings in the subject of Eco Shamanism. Mandy has been practising shamanism since 2007 and in the last few years has developed a new way forward in shamanism which takes into account our changing consciousness of the Earth. She also runs pilgrimages which are currently based around the River Severn and itís tributaries, gives talks about Eco Shamanism and works with others in the fields of plant spirit, eco linguistics and poetry.

Eco Shamanism synopsis

Eco Shamanism is a marriage of shamanism and deep ecology . . . and a way forward for our souls or spirits to reconnect with the anima mundi, or world soul. Eco Shamanism helps bring the world of spirit and our sensate world into a closer communion. As we launch ourselves into this new century it is becoming more and more necessary to see ourselves Ďasí Earth, to see, hear, touch, taste and feel ourselves Ďasí Earth rather than being Ďoní it. The way we perceive our lives in relation to our Earth needs to change, it needs to return to a much more visceral sense of our existence. Crucial to this is engaging with our existence here on our Earth in our carnate form and seeing spirit in everything around us and becoming embedded within that perception. Eco Shamanism helps bring people back to their spiritual place within our world - it is a way or reconnecting and becoming one with our Earth. The talk will include a little audience participation!

Mandy Pullen Website

Mandy's facebook page

Sunday June 10th :

CELIA GUNN: The Wisdom of Your Animal Spirit Guide

The tradition of spirit guides speaking to and assisting humans through animals, birds and other creatures can be found all over the world, and dates back to ancient times.  Today, if we are attentive and open to the messages that are everywhere around us, we can learn to recognise when a creature appears to us in a special way, offering insight into what is happening in our lives. We can develop beneficial relationships with our personal animal spirit guides that will help our spiritual and emotional development. 

Celia learned about this tradition directly from Native Americans, with whom she worked on cultural preservation for many years.  She will introduce you to the wisdom of the animal spirit guide and use shamanic journeying techniques to help you to identify your personal animal spirit guide, and honour and work with it.

Originally from Northumberland, author Celia Gunn spent many years closely involved in the renaissance of a Native American tribe, the Sinixt First Nation, a shamanic journey that changed her life. Her memoir about this extraordinary experience, 'A Twist in Coyote's Tale' (2006), inspired a film, 'The Sinix't: Bringing Home the Bones', which premiered in Canada in 2010.
Celia is now based in the West Country, where she works with her husband on revitalising our connection with the land, the ancestors and creatures-other-than-human. She has since published a novel, 'A Dark Wind' (2009) and a book on animal spirit guides, 'Totem Animals' (2010, 2016). Currently working on a sequel to 'Twist', and a book about the journey of healing, when not writing she can be found walking her elegant salukis or tending her beautiful woodland chakra garden.


Sunday July 8th :

SEED SISTⒶS  Sensory Solutions (Herbal Evolution) Website

Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton known as the Seed SistⒶs, are lively teachers who are witchy herbalists with over twenty years of clinical experience. They run workshops, ceremonies and apprenticeships through Sensory Solutions, their educational social enterprise company.
They are deeply passionate about plants and creativity. And through their work aim to give people more autonomy in their health by connecting individuals with their local medicinal plants and the magical nature of the green world around us.


Come and explore the world of Sensory Herbalism. In this talk about crafting with herbs, they will describe their journey of how the magic of the plants have led their work.

Sunday 12th August :

MIKE SLATER-Witch-Scratching, Conjurors under the influence of exotic Christian non-conformity in the West Country

Mike will be discussing the subjects of his forthcoming book "The Old Woman and the Conjurors" which will soon be available for pre-order from Troy Books. Hopefully he will have a few available for signing by the time this talk happens.


Sunday 9th September :

Nick Hanks: Cheddar Gorge

Sunday 14th October :

Thea Bell - London's Mirror House:
Mirror House

Thea Bell tellís the true story of a man made mirror house in Old Street London, which came to life with spirits and hauntings in the 1960ís and has continued to have had unusual phenomena up until present day.
It is a story of witches, ley-lines, mirror experiments, time travel, ovic amplifiers & Michael Benteen (from the Goons).
PLEASE NOTE: Everything you will hear in this talk is true but due to personal reasons the Land Lord and Location will not be disclosed.

Sunday 11th November :

Paolo Sammut: We welcome Paolo who recently spoke at Bristol Open Circle Moot on ghost hunting equipment. 

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